The All Inclusive Arkana Experience is One of a kind

We create the space for you to get in touch with your truth, opening your path for a meaningful and fulfilled life.


We adhere to our strict medical screening procedures and observe official safety protocols at all times.


Our maestros are native healers who humbly transmit the knowledge and healing energies of the plants.

Our mission is to heal the world  through the responsible use of plant medicines and spiritual practices.

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Authentic Shipibo Shamans

Arkana’s exceptional team of highly-trained Shipibo Master Shamans represent an unbroken lineage of plant medicine work with a combined history of over 100 years of experience working closely with Ayahuasca and other plants. During our plant medicine retreat programs, our compassionate healers lovingly share their teachings, healing songs (icaros), capabilities, and knowledge with integrity and honor. We maintain the traditional practices passed down through thousands of years of indigenous Amazonian culture and continue to promote the real purpose and nature of plant medicine work.

A team of passionate care givers

Guests that come to our ayahuasca retreat programs feel welcome as new members of our spiritual family. Fellow retreat participants will not only be your newfound tribe but also be instrumental to your healing journey. Our experienced facilitators work hard to make you feel right at home, supported, and cared for with all the love and compassion that is at the core of the plant medicine work.

Supporting 360 Holistic Health

At Arkana Spiritual Center, we work closely with both female and male Shipibo shamans and our staff of healers and psychologists to bring you a comprehensive retreat deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous medicine. Our carefully constructed program optimizes your healing by incorporating Eastern and modern philosophies for long-term integration into a modern world.

We believe the health of physical body sets the foundation for the health of the energetic body. Often ignored in this type of spiritual work, we provide access to a fully-stocked gym and offer yoga classes during your stay with us, so you can begin implementing the healthy habits that will carry this work with you into your life back home.

Your healing journey begins here...Awaken your inner power

DIVINE TRANSFORMATION AND AWAKENING. The time at Arkana has been the most transformative chapter of my entire life! Arkana is pure magic and has been co-created with such profound love and support, creating the safest and most supportive space to allow the deepest soul healing and Divine rebirth.


PRIVILEGED TO HAVE EXPERIENCED THE ARKANA UTOPIA. Coming to Arkana is the single greatest decision I have ever made for myself.  My life will forever be before and after Arkana...  During my time here I was healed way beyond my wildest expectations, I'm still in disbelief now at how far I have come...


THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. It's no accident that there are only 5 star reviews for Arkana.  The amount of love, joy, and life changing revelations I experienced in only a span of one week is incalculable. I am infinitely grateful for the presence, wisdom, talent, and caring of staff, organizers, facilitators, and shamans.


The Shaman was absolutely magical. A very genuine soul with powers that I am still in awe of. All of the facilitators & volunteers were some of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met in my life. Our group was very supportive of each other. This place felt safe. I was confident nothing bad could happen.

Jessy Jones

2017 started off about as miserable as I could imagine. However it ended more beautifully than I could ever imagine. I took a leap of faith and was caught by the hands of God. I came to Peru not knowing if I was going to live or die, or if I cared. All I knew was I was tired of the life I was living. I came in search of healing, and my purpose in life. I found just that.

Michael Burleson, Xray Technician

I feel beyond blessed to have spent two heart opening weeks in the Mayan jungle with Arkana. In that time I was honored to embark on many journeys with the carriers of the sacred plants and their lessons. The teachers, medicines and spirits of Peyote, Mushrooms and Bufo guided me back to myself. My experience with Arkana has been by far the most expansive experience of my life.


Meet Our Shamans

Arkana’s highly-trained Shipibo Master Shamans come from an unbroken lineage of plant medicine knowledge passed down through thousands of years of indigenous Amazonian culture. They are lovingly dedicated to the healing processes of our guests. They work closely with Ayahuasca and other master plant teachers of the jungle with healing songs (icaros), capabilities, and knowledge with integrity and honor, for truly profound and deeply healing work.


With over 40 years of experience Maestra Justina is undoubtedly one of the most gifted healers of our generation. A direct descendant of a long line of Merayas, the Shipibo's highest ranked Shamans, she is the heiress of all of their ancestral knowledge and carries their tradition proudly. She was born in the quaint community of Vencedor, in the banks of the Pisqui River in the upper Ucayali. From an early age she was very intuitive and in touch with her dreams and the world of the Chaikunis, ascended spirits who are the guardians of the jungle; she felt a special connection with all plants and trees.

To listen to some of her Icaros, click here


Eligio was born deep in the Peruvian jungle in the native community of  Vencedor, a 24 hour boat ride from Pucallpa. The son of Maestra Justina  and Maestro Cesar he comes from a pure lineage of Meraya Healers and is  one of the most promising talents in the Amazon. He started working with  the plants at the young age of 14, when he concluded his first Noma Rao  dieta under the guidance of his mother.

To listen to one of his Arkanas, click here


Maestro Juan is one of the most prominent healers in the Wirrarika tradition. Healers are often referred to as Marakame, which is literally translated as: 'those that possess knowledge."  Marakame Juan is recognized by Unesco as one of the few medicine men that is authorized to transport fresh Hikuri wherever he goes. He holds the title of Marakame Cantor (Medicine Singer) by his fellow elders. He chants to the spirit of the hikuri to connect humans with earth and the wisdom of the cosmos.


MAESTRA EUGENIA Our Psilocybe Mushroom ceremonies will be run by Maestra Eugenia Pinedo Casimiro, a Mazatec medicine woman from Huatla de Juarez, Oaxaca, the town of Maria Sabina.  She proudly carries the lineage of her mother Abuela Julieta Casimiro, a former member of the Council of the 13 Indigenous  Grandmothers.  Upon Abuela Julieta’s passing, Maestra Eugenia inherited all of her knowledge and healing responsibilities among her community.

"Arkana, to me, was a rebirth."

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